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The Corleone Legacy, Gen. 4.1

Hello, and welcome back to the Corleone Legacy!  Last time, the generation three kids graduated college, and Connie moved back home.  Apollonia and Lucy will live a nice happy life in the Simbin :)  Onward, I say!

Kaye isn't sure how having Connie back in the house is going to affect her sex life.

Time to call up Nicholas *wink wink*

Connie likes to shake her groove thang.  Carryover from college, I guess.  But I've never had a Sim that danced as much as she does so I'm okay with it :D

Connie:  *does the mashed potato*

Connie also likes to tease the ants.

If only the ants could tease back...

Yes!  Make those toy robots!  I want a Servo dammit!

Yes, I've had OFB since it came out.  I've never had a Servo.  I fail at EPs.

Grilled cheese!  *+250*

Oh, look who showed up!

Mmm, mmm.

Of course he'll move in.  It's all part of the MASTER PLAN.

Connie's looking a little unsure of this arrangement.

Probably it's because Nick only cares about one thing:  bewbs.

Go away, creepy blonde dude.

Connie:  With this ring, I thee wed.

Nick:  With this ring... oh shit.

Front lawn weddings are my favorite.  Mmhmm.  No work, no guests, no party.


Hot!Marsha Bruenig may be joining this legacy.

If these people every have any fucking BOYS.  Hello game, Italian mafioso family!  BOYS ARE A REQUIREMENT I THINK.

LOL liar.

And then I built them a new house.  I may or may not be going back to the old one.  Or to one that someone else built, but it's not on a beach lot and that makes me a sad panda.

Of COURSE she's knocked up!

And of COURSE the whole house is afflicted with the Tai Chi bug... *facepalm*

Cat, or cat statue?


Aaaaand... I have no idea why I took this picture.  So let's just say that she's scheming about something and call it good.

Ahh yes, sorry about the beds, Ash.

A little bit of hammock lovin' is the cure for anything.  Except for the Tai Chi bug.

Umm, OUCH.

And yes, of course Jim and Kaye are playing catch in the graveyard.

Something wrong?

Connie:  WTF!

So, Connie's in the intelligence career track and she got this neat-o "spy on your neighbors" thing.

And then there was a popup that said "it's not nice to spy on your neighbors."  O.o

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it's time for the kittens to grow up :)  I think this is Peach.

And we'll call this one Luigi.  They'd be cuter if it wasn't for their PUFFY TAILS, but oh well.  They're still pretty cute.

Connie has really fat lips.  That saddens me a little.

This here is a decoration failure.  Brought to you by yours truly!

Not nice to spy on your neighbors?  Yeah right.  Someone dropped money and then WE GOT IT!

So you don't do this enough while you're awake?

I swear to you, all they do is *dirty joke* *congratulate* *dirty joke* *congratulate* *swoon* *call me!*

See?! -_-

LOL Maxis.  Who wears that?  With one pant leg rolled up?  Looks like he should be in the bicycling career track.


Still LOLing at that outfit.

Countertop?  No.

Cat perch.

HOMG, there are beds ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE inside.

Nick:  YOU WON'T LIKE ME WHEN I'M ANGRY!  *smashy*

Both of them.  They're both creepers.

Connie:  What is my life?




At least this doesn't double as a countertop, I guess.


LOL.  PLEASE get promoted again so you can get out of those clothes.

You're S3.  How much do you think you're going to tan?

Tan enough for his liking, I guess.

It's time for getting old!

LOL custom hair.

Kaye:  *bitch bitch bitch*

I really dislike elders.

It's not grilled cheese?!  I AM SHOCKED. SHOCKED, I TELL YOU.

I don't care if you're hugely pregnant, that's still gross :P

...when did you change into your underwear?!


Nick:  WHY ME.

I don't know, YOU'RE the family Sim!!!!  YOU KNOCKED HER UP.

YAY BABY.  Blue eyes, brown hair.

And it's... a fucking girl.  That's six in a row.  BOO.

Anyway, her name is... umm... Sandra.  I'm saddened by how long it took me to remember it.  I had no girls names ready.  Because I want a FREAKING BOY, GAME.

Anyway, stay tuned for the next installment of the Corleone Legacy, and thanks for reading :)


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Jun. 29th, 2008 06:50 am (UTC)
That house you built, it is beautiful! I could probably never build something like that, most of my houses are a big box with rooms in it.

ALSO! Servos, I just had one. One tip..set ACR settings(if you have it) low, because servos ruin families. Big time. My servo had three bolts with all the females in my legacy and ruined everything. Funny thing, not one of them were even turned on by servos. >.>

LOL Maxis. Who wears that? With one pant leg rolled up? Looks like he should be in the bicycling career track.

LOL. PLEASE get promoted again so you can get out of those clothes.

LMFAO! Those are for your ghetto-fabulous sims, of course!
Jun. 29th, 2008 08:02 am (UTC)
I might upload that house if I get ambitious enough, so stay tuned because I'll likely post the d/l link here when/if I get around to it :)

It's a nice house and it took me forever to build. The thing that bugs me is that, more or less, it's two stories and the damn stairs get in the way. Otherwise everything functions as needed so I can't really complain :)
Jul. 4th, 2008 11:10 pm (UTC)
Jul. 5th, 2008 04:33 pm (UTC)
*ignores bork'd HTML*

That seriously happens ALL THE TIME when they play catch in the graveyard. I have yet to understand why they would rather play in the graveyard than in the giant yard but hey, I'm not a Sim *shrug*
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