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Starter Home - 75 Tuscany Drive

75 Tuscany Drive
* Lot Size: 3x2 (small)
* Price: $16,979-$17,027 (see note)
* Furnishings: Kitchen/dining, bathroom; otherwise unfurnished except wall coverings and carpeting
* 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
* Base Game Compatible (made with AnyGameStarter), no custom content

** Note on pricing: $17,027 is the AnyGameStarter price; $16,979 is the price I was given when I put the lot into my regular game.
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House for Download

27 Waterlily Way
Unfurnished, 3x3 lot
3 bedroom, 2 bathroom
Basegame compatible: $24,843
All EPs: $23,502

There is a "basegame" version which is a bit different than the "all EP" version due to differences in the build mode.  The only major differences are the stairs and the windows.

HOWEVER.  Here are the pictures!


Heir Poll!

Poll #1180268 Heir Poll!
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Who should be the gen. 3 heir?


The Corleone Legacy, Gen. 3.2, Part 1

Last time in the Corleone household...
- Apollonia was born, and then grew up badly
- Lucy was born
- There was a decent amount of fighting
- Willow moved out
- I found a Godfather font [yeah, I'm still excited about this :D]